Baby Blue

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Helo lovely readers! *waving* :D
Yesterday spent my rainy afternoon chit-chat with friend and enjoy our dessert with Yee Lian my bestie at D'Fong Ativa BSD, having our good time there
Ordered my current favourite dessert, totally addicted(my opinion)! I forgot what name is it, if you want try it out you can show them this picture Lolllll...
If you're following me at Instagram you should know I've passed my interview for my art college (Lasalle) at Singapore and I'm gonna study at Singapore soon (maybe mid of July), although Singapore is not that far from Malaysia, but still will miss everything at here! Will be study at Singapore for three years, I just got my timetable and no holidays on weekend(except public holiday), oh nooooo...!!!

Have to study super hard there so stress ehh, finger cross XXX
Cherish every moment spend with my family and friends, hope I can meet up all my friends before going Singapore, come and jio me yamcha now!I will try to make it! hehehe
Today gonna blog about my new outfit for spring! As I mentioned at previous post, Spring and summer 2014 trend colour is pastel or baby colour. So I bought a Baby blue colour flurry sweater from Topshop and match with a simple white skirt and white heels.
Love my new baby blue bag so much, available in two colour (if I'm not wrong) baby pink and blue, didn't choose to buy the pink because I've a lot pinky bag so I think it's time to try some new colour  hehehe
A sweet and casual look, so in love with the colour so much
Thanks yee lian for taking those amazing shot of me! Especially the ugly shot hahahaha
Wearing : | Fluffy top from TOPSHOP | Bottom from SW | Heels from Bershka | Bag from Vincci | 
Enjoy reading!

Ugly silly me HAHAHA

Best friend forever! love yahh!❤❤❤

New look New name!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hey guys! Do you noticed that there are different of my blog?
Yes!!I've change a new template for my blog and bought a domain!
no more!! If you follow me at my instagram or facebook you should know my blog closed for few days, these few days I'm working on this! Finally I can announced! *excited face*
I wanted to buy a domain for my blog so long time, but still thinking for the blog name, previous blog name (lovejoant) is I simply put for temporarily, but I didn't want it for my blog name actually,
I asked a lot of friend and family to help me think about my new blog name, but they ask me to think myself lolllllll... -.-
So, after so long finally I decided to use THOUSANDFIFTEEN for my new blog name,
actually I want to put but someone bought this domain and they resell it with a super high price, Jo&.com can't use because cannot use symbol for domain, walao so emooooo.....But I want to my blog name is related to joanne,examples: Jo(short form of joanne) or Jo& my name!
New blog name idea is from the order of alphabet,  "J" is the 10th in the order of alphabet and "O" is the 15th, so it's 1015 in number, so I put it as Thousandfifteen!
About the template, actually don't want to buy my domain and template so early but I've some reason to do it now, I want to customize my own template one but have to take a long time, so I have no chance, then I bought a simple one from, but it's still look nice lah hehehhee :D
A lot of friend and reader told me my blog font is quite hard for you guys to read so I've change the font to a simple and clear one now! I'm so happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAH
Thanks to all my readers for the support! Will update more now!
Stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading! Will updated more soon!

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MA Fashion X Jo&

Sunday, March 30, 2014

MA fashion is an Online Boutique selling apparels that chic and cheap. They have a lot of difference style apparels. Spring and summer is around the corner, they also selling spring season  in trend colours and design, so pastel and pinky pinky. Their apparels quality is quite good and the price is reasonable for me.
New season new outfit! Get your pinkish spring look now from MA Fashion!
Buy 5 pieces or above from MA Fashion to get RM3 off for each piece!
Follow MA Fashion below to get more infomation :
Insta : ma_fashionhouse
To make your order or contact : mibuumeow_wardrobe (wechat)
                                   ma_fashionhouse (line)

Enjoy your shopping! 

Thanks to MA Fashion sponsored me fabulous apparels.See what I get from them!!*excited*
A korean style long sleeve black studded sweater and a pair of chic black and white leather flat!
I match the sweater and the flat with a white mini skirt to create a simple and casual look.
Thanks to Yee Lian again for this shoot, appreciate it! :)
Let the photos do the talk now! hehe

 Wearing : | top and shoe from MA Fashion | Glasses from Ellui | Bag from Putthison21 | Hat from Coveybysix |

Enjoy and thanks for reading! stay tuned! Bye!